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  Texas Fine Art

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Original Texas Whimsical Fine Art by Kathleen McElwaine (TM), a local Austin, Texas artist, turned into gifts

Much of my childhood was spent, sketchbook in hand, in the front seat of a '54-Chevy pickup. My goal as a professional artist is the same as it was when I first started: to passionately show the world my view of the beauty all around us.

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Texas Longhorn Collection

The Texas Longhorn steer is a breed of cattle known for its characteristic horns, which can extend to over 100 inches tip to tip for cows and bulls. Longhorns have long been associated with Texas and specifically the University of Texas football team..

Most Texas Longhorns are gentle and are among the easiest of breeds to handle and control. Kathleen's paintings of of these magnificent creatures are stunning and whimsical.

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Texas Wildflower Collection

Texas wildflowers arrive in the spring and blanket the fields and line the roads from March through July.

Kathleen's painting here depicts the renown Bluebonnets. At their peak, bluebonnets fields are a favorite spot for family photographs.

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Texas Cowboy Collection

You are more than likely to see cowboys walking, working in small towns in Texas. It is not unusual to see them in anywhere.

Kathleen's art shows both the masculine and feminine side of being a cowboy / cowgirl.

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Kathleen McElwaine grew up on a small quarter horse ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a full-fledged cowboy Daddy. Much of her childhood was spent, sketchbook in hand, in the front seat of a ‘54 Chevy pickup truck at the closest calf roping with the sun warming her face through the windshield of that old truck.

She learned to love the lay of the land, art, and animals. Her passion for art and creativity was born there.

Her goal as a professional artist was that same as when she first started: to passionately show the world her view of beauty that is all around us. Kathleen wants everyone who views her art work to enjoy some Original Texas Whimsey!

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"I love Kathleen's art. It makes me smile!"

– Linda

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